Hall Hire


The CWA Hall is set amongst parkland in beautiful Stanwell Park. The hall is available to hire for celebrations, classes, art exhibitions, workshops and all kinds of educational and community events.

Note : Bookings for teen, 18th and 21st celebrations are not accepted.

All hall users must abide by the current Covid regulations. As these are changing, please visit NSW Government Covid Rules for the most up to date information.

Use the Contact Us form for all booking inquiries

  • Note: Hall capacity may  be reduced depending on Covid 19 guidelines. The  CWA will discuss this with you.
  • Hall Dimensions - TBA
  • Table Mode : 60-70 seated
  • Theatre Mode: 80

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  • Weddings : includes Hall usage 7am - 11pm $500. Day before set up fees $35/ hour. Day after pack up must be completed by 12 midday, thereafter $35/hour. Refundable Bond $300 payable.
  • Friday and Saturday nights $300. Refundable Bond $250.
  • Hourly Rate Non-Profit/Charities : by negotiation with the CWA
  • Hourly Rate Casual User : $35/ hour
  • Regular Users: by negotiation with the CWA
  • Note: The Hall is currently undergoing building works and upgrading. The works are expected to be finalised early in 2022. Accessibility information will be updated at that time.
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Air Conditioning
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Stage
  • PA/Sound system/stage lighting - may be available on request. 

Liability for Damage to the premises/loss of goods : 

  • The User is to reimburse the CWA in respect of all costs incurred in repairing damage caused to the Premises or any other property of the CWA on the Premises arising directly or indirectly from the use of the Premises by the User, regardless of whether the damage was caused by the User or persons invited onto the Premises by the user.
  • The CWA of NSW is not responsible for any good left on the Premises.

The User will :

(a) Not use the Premises other than as stated in the Hall Hire Agreement;

(b) Not use the premises at any other time than stated in the Hall Hire Agreement unless agreed in writing between the User and the CWA;

(c) Not make any structural alterations to the Premises including the attachment of nails, screws or any other fastenings or fittings to the walls without the permission of the CWA;

(d) Ensure that after each use all furniture is replaced in it's original position unless otherwise specified by the CWA.;

(e) ensure that all persons (including children) allowed onto the Premises are properly supervised at all times and only use the Premises as specified in the Hall Hire Agreement;

(f) Notify the CWA immediately in writing of any accident to any person while on the Premises under the Hall ire Agreement and provide such statements from witnesses and the person/s injured as the CWA or its legal advisers may require;

(g) Allow the CWA or the CWA's nominee to enter the Premises at any time for the purpose of inspecting the Premises;

(h) Vacate the Premises promptly at the conclusion of the period specified in the Hall Hire Agreement.;

(i) Ensure that there is no smoking on CWA premises, as per CWA policy;

(j) Not sell * alcohol to persons on or in the immediate vicinity of the Premises without :

(i) obtaining a function licence to supply alcohol as is required under the Liquor Act 1982 (NSW), and

(ii) providing a copy of the licence to the CWA prior to commencing use of the Premises. * If there is no sale of liquor, there is no requirement to have a liquor licence. If it is a function where guests are invited and alcohol is supplied free of charge there is no sale and a licence is not required. Sale can take various forms such as a purchase of a ticket to attend the function. Further information on obtaining a licence can be found at Service NSW

The following will result in termination of the Hall Hire Agreement :

(a) Non-payment of rent by the appointed date;

(b) Breaching any of the Conditions of Use.

  • Please visit NSW Government Covid Rules for all current requirements for hall users.
  • All hall users are required to comply with Covid 19 procedures : (a) Sanitise hands on arrival; (b) Complete the QR check-in code using the Service NSW app or if unable to use the 'signing' book; (c) Minimise contact with only what is necessary for your visit; (d) on completion of your visit, clean the areas you have come in contact with and sign the registration book to acknowledge that cleaning has taken place. 
  • It is the responsibility of the person hiring the hall to ensure that those on the premises have checked in correctly, preferably using the NSW Service app. Phones must be checked for the green tick which indicates that the individual is checked in. Children must be signed in also via the paper check-in.
  • In the instance that parents are waiting outside to collect children, they should be advised to maintain correct social distancing i.e 1.5m separation. Parents should not enter the hall to collect children. 
  • Cleaning : Cleaning materials are provided by the CWA and are located in the kitchen (a) Use detergent spray on all hard surfaces which you have touched throughout the Premises including the external door handles and latches; (b) Repeat this procedure using detergent wipes; (c) Where cleaning around electrical equipment or fittings, isolate the electrical equipment and turn off the power source. Spray detergent onto a cloth then wipe, do not spray directly onto a power source; (d) Once the cleaning process has been completed, sanitise your hands on sign out of the registration book and acknowledge that cleaning as taken place. Close the book. (e) Using a disinfectant wipe, wipe down the door handles and latch on your way out before disposing of the wipe in the bin.
  • Floor: If the hall is used for exercise, or participants in a group are under the age of 18, the floor is to be mopped after each use by using warm water and detergent. Please spin the water out of the mop as much as possible as excess water will damage the protective coating on the floor. 
Covid Safety Plan 
  • All hall users must complete a Covid Safety Plan.  It should  address the following: (i) Food to be served in individual packets or portions with the exception of pizza and birthday cake; (ii) Food servers are to wear masks and gloves while preparing food. (iii) Drinks should be served in individual bottles or disposable cups. (iv) Food should be consumed while seated at tables; no sharing of food is allowed; (v) The 1.5 metre  social distancing rule should be observed; (vi) All guests must be registered (including children) using the hall QR code or 'sign in' book, this includes parents dropping children to a party then leaving. 
  • An online Covid Safety Plan can be completed at NSW Covid Safety Plan